Apr. 21st, 2017

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OpenID is a way of saying 'yes, that's them' that has fallen a bit into disuse with the annoying habit of places wanting you to log in via a Google or evilFB account, but LJ and DW are two places that support it.

One thing this means is that DW can go 'Ah, lovingboth@LJ is lovingboth@DW' (or any other DW account I wanted) and change all my comments on all imported posts here, regardless of which DW journal they are in, to be 'from' lovingboth@DW rather than lovingboth@LJ. (If I've ever commented on an LJ post of yours, have a look...)

Doing this is quite simple:

1. Log into LJ, undeleting your account there if necessary.

2. In another browser tab, go to the claim page here and tell it the URL of your LJ account.

3. Using OpenID, it should see that you are logged into LJ.

4. You'll get an email from DW at the address that it has linked to the DW account going 'click here if you are sure you want to do this, you can't undo this'. (It might take some hours to get this, because DW is limited in how much email it can send.)

5. Visit that link.

6. Done!

You can then delete the LJ account again.


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