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The main PC here has locked up about five times in the past ten days. It normally just doesn't do that.

As it's running the same software (Ubuntu MATE 17.04) as JA's one and the main hardware difference is her's has a slightly slower CPU, I am suspecting a hardware issue. The other difference between the two is that this one is on 24/7 and hers is only on when she's awake at home, and it's possible that a motherboard component is dying. Capacitors are the usual suspect.

As they're nearly four years old and have been great in that time - the AMD APU processors are amazing in terms of how well they can run 3D software without needing a separate graphics card, for example - I would get an updated version in a shot...

.. except there don't seem to be any.

Well, there are two from the makers of these, Zoostorm. One's 'about' JA one's speed, but for the price (£272) I paid for mine (£281). That's just Wrong. The other has a faster APU, but it's also £420. That's just Wrong too. I know evilBrexit has affected the pound's value, but four years of development mean it should be cheaper.


It looks like the site I'm looking on's search is A Bit Crap and doesn't show you everything that fits your search. I can indeed have a better one for the same price* or a even better one for that £420.


* Unless I want Windows. Which I don't - I'm quite shocked at the difference the Microsoft tax still makes...


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