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If you're tired of eating free chocolate for the Google Play offer, for the next week, one of the current Humble Bundle deals includes 500 'Amazon coins' in its $1 tier.

If you've not come across these before, they can be used to pay for stuff in the Amazon appstore - a rival to Google's Play for Android devices. The selection is nowhere near as large, and you need to enable third party sources in their settings and install Amazon's own app on your device...

.. but there is some good stuff there, some of it free where it costs on Google (Patchwork is one example), and I find the app very useful for comparison shopping / looking up reviews anyway.

Each coin is worth 1p (in the UK, it's 1c in the US and 1 (different) c in Germany - outside those versions of the Amazon website, this is worthless) but you can't mix and match your payment: if you don't have enough coins in your account, you don't spend them all and pay the rest in real money, it's all real money. I think they have a fairly limited life too.

(Oh, when you redeem the code to get these on Amazon, you're taken to a page that looks like you're about to pay £4.90 for them. Somewhat stupidly, the 100% discount is applied after you've pressed the 'pay' button and not before. It took me about three 'I'm not paying for these!' goes before I discovered this...)

But it's meant I've now got the conversion of Camel Up, normally £3.71 on Google Play (and AppBrain tells me it's never been on sale there) for 369 'coins' that cost me less than a quid.

Other interesting board game ones include the conversions of Glass Road (77), Avignon: A Clash of Popes (80), Ingenious (129), Pickomino (129), Take It Easy (129), 6 takes! / 6 Nimmt! (149), Ligretto (159), Small World 2 (160), Hey, That's My Fish (162), Ghost Blitz (175), Ubongo (199), Abalone (199), Unreal Estate (232), Ticket to Ride (233), Splendor (233), Pandemic (233), Suburbia (238), Kingdom Builder (249), Alhambra (259), Castles of Mad King Ludwig (311), Cafe International (349*), Steam - Rails to Riches (376), Scotland Yard (399*), Carcassonne (399*), Labyrinth (399*), Galaxy Trucker (422), and Brass (499), plus the very good chess engines ChessGenius (300) and Shredder (499).

* = been on sale on Google / elsewhere for considerably less.

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Date: 2017-06-12 06:53 pm (UTC)
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Steve has been force feeding me revels for WEEKS.


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