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I am in the middle of moving some games around in the bedroom. Taking the opportunity to stroke some of them lovingly, I opened my copy of Civ (first Hartland Trefoil printing, plus the even rarer western expansion map and extra trade cards).

It's been a while since I have played this copy - although you can play it with fewer, it's not easy finding six other people who want to devote a nine-ish hour sitting to play it to completion, and such people tend to have their own copies - so some of the rubber bands used to keep the decks together had deteriorated. Let me bag them instead...

... hang on, there are only five sets of counters. There should be seven!

WTF has happened to (quick check) blue and grey? Unlike the more common Avalon Hill / Gibson / etc editions, which have counters printed with some symbol, these are just shapes (circles / squares / 'boat') so replacing them may not be an enormous hassle, but still WTF?
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I've been trying to get something to download on the Eee for about a week. Because it's quite big (4.3 GB) I was saving it on the HCSD card.

But there was a problem - it got so far (about 4 GB) and then had problems with getting endless bad pieces. Hmm, delete the .torrent and try again. It reckons that about 1 GB was ok, and proceeded to download about 3 GB again. Read more... )
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A bash script I use ends by displaying a line it wants you to add to another file. It would obviously be easier if the script did this itself. As the line will be somewhere in the middle of the file, just using '>>' to append it is no good.

Somewhere :) I have (or had) The AWK Programming Language and my Google skills are enough to be reminded that:

awk '/NEW STUFF HERE/ {print;print "my new line";next}1' test-file

will add 'my new line' after 'NEW STUFF HERE'.

Now, 'my new line' needs to have a number in it that is different to all the other such lines (it's an array index).

Can someone remind me of a good way to do that? The line count of the entire file prior to adding the line would be fine, for example.


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